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tummyache tease sophomore album with new single 'Safe Word'!

Tummyache is the moniker of songwriter/producer Soren Bryce, chosen to reflect what of he key side effects of her anxiety, yet, that name also reflects the audible internal dilemmas and abrasive churning of their music. Their 2022 debut album SOAK was unfiltered and in-your-face, full of menacing Grunge melancholia and onslaughts of angsty Punk aggression. The title track was a hypnotic track that showcased Soren's songwriting talents and eerily soothing vocal palette which was a stark contrast from the expressive style she had showed on songs like 'DIY!!'.

Now, tummyache are back with a brand new single 'Safe Word' and if this is anything to go by, album two is going to be a cracker! Soren's vocals fall wonderfully in between those two aforementioned styles, packing the swagger and angst of 'DIY!!' with lovely tumbling melodies and a varied range more akin to 'SOAK'.

The instrumentals have a fuzzy, stomping quality that combines the electro-Rock sounds of acts like Shelf Lives with the raw texture of Courtney Barnett's harshest songs. It is an inescapable ball of Garage Rock energy that makes you desperate to head out to a sweaty basement show at once. The guitars are electrifying, toned out to the max and the intensity never relents! We can't wait for their sophomore record 'Egosystem' which is out May 10th.


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