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Trailer Swift release gritty yet poignant album 'Variant'!

Boston-based outfit Trailer Swift create a sound that is much more complex and considered than their tongue-in-cheek monika may suggest. They blend progressive atmospherics with angsty Punk attitudes and big Rock vocals to create a heavy-hitting sonic expression. Their new album ‘Variant’ highlights their best qualities as they weave between intricate, technical instrumental constructions and free-flying Rock energy.

After the opening, introductory track ‘Variant’ creates an abstract tension with its pulsating electronic rumble and soft, suspenseful vocals, the album truly busts open with ‘Cross My Heart’, a definite highlight of the record. It too starts with a more subdued and suspenseful stripped-back atmosphere of guitar and vocals. Yet, it isn't long before it opens up with huge gritty Rock guitar chords and drum crashes that coincide with the big vocal shouts in huge stabs that announce the album well and truly open.

The background guitars drift and weave with varying tones, some almost sounding like electronic synths. These elements provide a lovely poignant texture to the backdrop of the angsty Rock expression and elevate the emotive quality of the lyrics. The guitar work is fierce and technical while the rest of the instrumentals and vocals are raw and passionate; a perfect introduction to what Trailer Swift have to offer.

‘Running Behind’ is a dirtier Rock track that is direct and harsh in its delivery with aggressive guitar lines and a perpetuating energy that doesn’t relent. This is the track built for the moshpit and it clearly channels their vintage Rock inspirations as the vocals take on a performative quality that rings of 70s Rock while attacking each word with a gritty swagger in the style of 90s acts like Foo Fighters.

Talking of 90s influence, tracks like ‘Losing Grip’ and ‘Disintegrate’ both show signs of more introspective Grunge melancholia with the former starting out with a heartfelt, reflective vocal and the later offering tangled guitar lines that bring to mind rainy days spent overthinking in your bedroom. These songs combine elements of the sadder Pop Punk numbers as well as still channeling their gritty Rock sensibilities in moments of passion throughout.

‘Racer’ is another highlight of the album. It is a dense track filled with grumbling guitars and scrappy drums that create a thick wall of sound that the vocals drawl on top of. This is perhaps the most intense and impassioned performance on the album from all parts. The later stages also demonstrated their love for complex rhythm as a fast paced hi-hat build up then dives into a thrashing instrumental that appears scrappy on the outside but it is insanely tight and showcases their musical talent.

Finally, ‘Way Out’ brings the album to a close with more huge, soaring Rock choruses and final moments of dense, gritty atmospheres. What is most striking throughout the album is the poignancy that they create. This is a fantastic offering for fans of classic Rock who want to indulge in emotive, raw sonic expression.


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