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Tom A Smith returns with soaring single 'Get Me Started'!

Widely known as one of the most promising young new Indie talents in the UK, 18-year-old Tom A Smith doesn't seem to miss a beat, constantly delivering hit after hit. What is most impressive, is that the arrangement, flow and songwriting of his music improves time on time, as if you can feel his maturity and technical skills grow by the second. This is true, again, of his latest release 'Get Me Started', a song that doesn't rush away with youthful over-excitement, but takes time to allow his vocals to shine.

The riff that opens the song instantly hooks you in both thanks to its wonderfully fuzzy tone but also due to the catchy and poignant melodic flow. This melody is enhanced in the verses when Tom's vocal lines match the same pattern as the guitar line, combining to create an infectious sound. However, his voice remains steady and resonant, waiting for the chorus to really lift off.

This chorus is then beautifully absorbing. The vocal lines soar, chimes and bells add a bright melody in the background and the rest of the band create a dense wall of sound that leaves no gaps. The acoustic drop down towards the end of the track provides another moment to showcase the lyrical and vocal maturity before launching into the finale where multiple vocal lines intertwine to wonderful effect.

Another winner from one of the country's best Indie prospects.


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