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The dark mono-tone voices that open up TOLDEDO’s new single 'FOMO' are enticing, creating a moody entrance to what becomes quite a feel-good track. The sombre tones are replaced with a more upbeat vibe fit for a summer roadtrip, relaxing on the west-coast.

The New York duo TOLDEDO have been gaining attention over the past couple of years with their single Some Samurai of the 2019 EP ‘Hotstuff’ hitting over a million Spotify streams. However they haven’t slowed down. 2020 has seen them release two brand new singles; 'Lovely', packed full of innocent grooves and most recently 'FOMO', a warm dose of Indie surfer paradise.

The new single carries an added layer of depth than some of their previous tracks, largely due to the excellent production that creates a more expansive and full hearted feel. The aforementioned tone of the vocals also plays a role in this added depth. The lyrical talks of ‘FOMO’ (Fear of missing out) and yet the opening and closing vocals are the only vocals that talk of 25 minutes of feeling great’ yet they are sung in a solemn tone.


This clever contrast of lyrical content and vocal tone highlights the mental tussle and anxiety inducing contemplation that comes with the choice of missing out or forcing yourself to take part.

Plug in your headphones, escape from the day-to-day and dive into their surf-rock world.


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