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The Manatees return with another Indie banger 'ButterCup'!

Undoubtedly one of the UK’s most exciting indie newcomers, The Manatees are the gift that just keeps on giving. They made our ‘Best of 2023’ playlist last year with their anthemic single ‘The Sound’. Now, they are back with another banger ‘Buttercup’.

The very first moments indicate that these guys have a great command over their sound and have really found their feet, becoming increasingly comfortable with interesting arrangements and thoughtful sonic subtleties. The mood is calm and full of swagger; velvety guitar lines drift with a lucid flow while the drums create a really funky groove. The vocals punctuate this atmosphere with their, angular, tension filled delivery, remaining level but hinting at the energy that the track has to come.

The chorus then opens up into an expansive indie rock head banger with infectious, singalong vocals and a dense sonic cacophony that swirls around, allowing you to become complete immersed in the song. 

The subtle elements we mentioned before really help this layered sound with little synth tones weaving themselves through the track. However, the peak comes in the later stages when the drums move to a double time tempo and create a mosh worthy energy to bring the track to an emphatic finish.

Another winner from these guys!  


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