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The Last Dinner Party offer final teaser for their debut album with new single 'Caesar on a TV Screen'!

The Last Dinner Party are a band that have very much taken the Alternative music scene by storm. They opened for The Rolling Stones when they didn’t even have any music out and have since supported numerous artists and gained attention from all around the globe.

'Nothing Matters', their debut single, arrived last spring and was an operatic, Rock sensation and since then they have continued to prove themselves with every new release as they gear up for their highly anticipated debut record 'Prelude to Ecstasy' - out February 2nd.

The latest offering from the album is 'Caesar on a TV Screen', yet another wonderfully theatrical and cinematic song. It begins slowly and is seductive in its ability to pull the listener in. The melody changes and swirls around but it never feels messy or out of place.

Lead singer Abigail Morris opens the song with the line “Every night, when we say goodbye/I know that I can/See myself as a man”. Her vocals are consistently impressive and, having trained as a classical singer, it comes as no surprise that she is able to achieve what she does vocally.

The accompanying music video is a must-watch, each member of the band playing the role of a character from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. It’s endlessly entertaining to watch and beautifully made.

Pounding guitars and a steady strong bassline make the track sound formidable, each member of the band shining in their respective roles. Lyrically, it’s tongue-in-cheek but a deeper meaning can be inferred from the words too. “Anyone and everyone will like me then/Everyone will love me” Morris exclaims, ending the song on a perfect crescendo.

The Last Dinner Party continue to impress with every track that they release, and their album promises to be epic and influential.


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