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The debut EP from powerful singer-songwriter, Faye Fantarrow

Sunderland-based singer-songwriter Faye Fantarrow has experienced life in all of its euphoric, messy and devastating colours. An intense confrontation with reality is embodied by the emotive, soulful voice of this barely 20-year-old, whose music enacts a delicate flirtation between new and old. Faye was signed in 2021 by Eurythmics’ star Dave Stewart and released her EP, 'AWOL' on 10th February this year. Drawing on eclectic folk and blues, the songs have a modern texture with vintage undertones.

Faye’s mellow vocals complement the playful rhythms, creating an intimate but spirited tone, fizzing with heart, soul and mind; she sings with her whole body. Stewart said, "there’s no bigger heart than Faye’s … she tells stories that make you explode with joy or weep along with her". Furthermore, her artistry as a lyricist conveys the resilience of the human spirit in its myriad forms, and she reminds all her listeners of their own, brave ability to live.

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