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Thai Dream Pop sensations ROSALYN release debut album 'Skin'

One of Thailand's most exciting bands is undoubtedly the Indie Pop sensations ROSALYN. Famed locally for their slick, dreamy sounds, the band have just released their debut album 'Skin' which is an immersive collection of songs that takes you on a real journey. Opening track 'The Deja Vu' eases you in with its high pitch vocal melodies, steady beat and drifting electronic notes that spiral gently across the soundscape. Next comes 'Spin' which has slightly more swagger to it, leading with a funky beat and accented the biggest vocal moments with smooth instrumental crashes. However, it is the instrumental guitar sections that really draw you in and create a fantastically captivating spiral of sound that you find yourself getting lost in.

'She Was Hot' stands out as a highlight on the album, with its drifting instrumental tranquility and entrancing brass lines that transport you into a timeless, carefree headspace. It almost takes on a lounge vibe by the end as fiercely flavoursome guitar tones and loose piano keys pepper the brass-driven dreamscape. This is then followed up by the bouncy electro pop energy of 'No Call' and the introspective closer 'Hope' to finish off an impressively eclectic album of fantastic textural balance and technical musical skill.


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