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Synth Pop duo Dualarity release new space-age single 'Dark Side Of You'!

If you want to be transported back to an 80s, space-age mind trip then get immersed in the new single from Synth-Pop duo Dualarity. Their latest track 'Dark Side Of You' builds off a thumping retro electro beat and injects it with modern Synthwave and Pop melodies that create an infectious chorus.

The beat is a danceworthy one, not overcomplicated thing but driving a hypnotic rhythm that makes you want to move while the abundant synth textures whirl around you.

Later in the track, a soaring guitar solo takes the energy even higher and injects some Rock flair into the mix! The vocal blend is slick and supercharged while the electronics completely absorb you in a distant futuristic land, as if you are in a Bladerunner soundtrack.

This single is a little more modern than previous releases such as '1990' which offer a moodier, New Wave feel that fully explores the 80s sounds. So, whichever sound you prefer there's plenty to enjoy with these guys.


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