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Swiss Indie-Electro outfit GEIZ release inspiring new anthem 'Led Lo'!

'Led Lo', the new single from Swiss Indie-Electronic outfit GEIZ may begin as an inconspicous bubblegum soundscape full of playful synth melodies. However, at its peaks, it produces an immeasurably uplifting and anthemic sonic emotion that will inspire you to get up and take on the world.

The verses blend intimate vocal lines together, creating soft, delicate melodic tones that draw you close into the track. This then elevates the effect of the huge chorus that explodes with life, almost taking you aback with its soaring energy.

This chorus combines pounding drum sounds, layers of ear-worming electro hooks and the simple yet addictive vocal calls. The track sounds like it should be soundtracking the next inspirational adventure film that will make you want to travel the world, make new friends and embrace the euphoria of being alive. The final few moments are especially immersive as layer upon layer of instrumental textures swirls around you and makes you forgot any of your worries in an instant.

This is a fantastic example of GEIZ's skillful instrumental arrangements and is a must add for any feel-good playlist.


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