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Swedish Pop songwriter LÉON releases new single 'Pretty Boy'!

One of the most beautiful Scandi sounds that you will encounter is the slick Pop stylings of Swedish songwriter LÉON. She has been imbedded in the music scene since birth, born into a family of musicians and paving her way first as the front-woman in a band and now excelling in her own solo-career. Her style is undeniably Pop orientated yet, perhaps fitting for her Scandi origins, it is laced with a swooping, organic quality that evades the majority of commercial hits today.

Her latest single 'Pretty Boy' leans into vintage 80s tones with its immersive, echoed electro quality. Delicate synths combine with her smooth vocal tones to build an ethereal tone that is filled with vulnerable emotion. The chorus lifts the energy, bringing in an anthemic drama to the track. The vocal melodies are powerful and made even more impactful by the wonderfully layered backing harmonies that provide that ever-resent ethereal undertow while LÉON delivers her catchy Pop musings with a punch! The thick 80s drum sounds really adds an extra force to the chorus too, blending delicacy with power with beautiful balance.

This is Pop music made for those who want to hear pure, unfiltered emotion and crisp natural beauty. LÉON has proved once again why she remains at the top of the Scandi Pop scene.

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