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Swedish outfit Agent Blå offer a glimmering slice of Indie-Synth on latest single 'Discount'!

Opening with a menacing, tension packed riff, ‘Discount’, the new single from Swedish outfit Agent Blå surprisingly then opens out into an expansive synth explosion. It radiates an uplifting nostalgic feel of early 00s indie and for our UK audience, rings of Inhaler’s first record.

Throughout the track, it dances between insular, moody sections and expressive, soaring lines when the synths and vocals really lift off.

The vocals carry a poignant quality from start to finish, always glimmering with emotion whether that be melancholia or hopefulness.

Towards the end the drums really show their worth, injecting a danceowrthy intensity into the mix to add that final burst of energy and excitement.

This is a true indie synth banger made for reminiscing on good times with friends and love lost in the past.


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