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Swedish Indie quartet Damen release new single 'Dancing Dingo'!

Up-and-coming four -piece Swedish band Damen introduce new single ‘Dancing Dingo’, from their upcoming album ‘Everything falls apart’. The album is their second since the release of ‘Sagrada Familia’ back in 2020. Having released a number of singles in the meantime, this track is their latest under Swedish record label VÅRØ.

The track immediately opens with a high-tempo guitar and drum combo, building excitement as soon as you click play. What really carries the track however, is their use of synthesisers as the track builds up adding an electronic feel to an Indie-Pop tune. The sound of this track has a vibe similar to that of Royel Otis with jangly guitar riffs and dynamic vocals.

The upbeat tempo contrasts with the harsh reality of the lyrical content which addresses the memories of adolescent hardships. The vocal delivery doubles down on this, with almost ethereal backing singing during the chorus and bridge.

Ultimately the song represents growth, looking back to when times weren’t as good as they are presently. As we head into the winter months, ‘Dancing Dingo’ brings the kind of anthemic nostalgia which deserves to be played at full volume on a road trip.


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