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Swedish Alternative songwriter Boerd releases new collab single 'All My Life' with Boko Yout!

boerd (pronounced bored) is the alias of swedish songwriter/producer Bård Ericson who is known for blending the trance like atmospheres of trip-hop with the hypnotic melodies of lofi Indie. His latest single sees him team up with Boko Yout, one of Sweden's most exciting newcomers.

The track is immediately disarming, lulling you into a lucid dream-state with a slick distant beat and soothing synth chords filled with a gentle suspense. Bård's insnanly rich and resonant vocals then come in, casting a cool and confident air you may expect from a Baxter Dury or Gorillaz track.

The chorus is subtle but wonderfully earworming as Kasabian esc indie vocal melodies are delivered with a much more reserved and refined delivery acting in a more understated and hypnotic style than Kasabian's anthemic, loud effect.

Boko Yout adds a more soaring, expressionistic vocal into the mix hitting both the warming deep notes and the passionate higher notes with ease. His voice has a thick, unfiltered grit to it that elevates its emotive impact beautifully.

The track never lifts off, staying within its trance-like, insular state yet it will stick with you long after it has come to end!

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