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Sweden's Benjamin Ingrosso releases infectious summer single 'Look Who's Laughing Now'!

One of the most exciting new songwriters coming out of Scandinavia right now is 2018 Eurovision winner Benjamin Ingrosso. Following on from his wonderfully playful, groove-led hit 'Kite' from earlier this year, he may have just released the single of the summer titled 'Look Who's Laughing now'.

The track is a lot more direct and immediate than his previous release, switching the funky grooves for a no-nonsense stomping sound. The sharp strings that open the song instantly grab your attention and set the tone for a dramatic performance, and what follows doesn't disappoint.

The verse then kicks in with deep piano chords which land incessantly, creating an unrelenting rolling rhythm while Benjamin's theatrical vocals dance with a powerful command. Every line has an irresistible melodic flow that makes you want to singalong and the pounding drum rhythm has a dance inducing energy.

The pre-chorus that strips away this beat and reintroduces the sharp strings just begs to be sang back at the top of your lungs and then the chorus brings all elements together for an undeniably fun and expressive sound. There's elements of Modern Pop but with a dramatic, Queen esc theatre that makes the song so exciting.

We dare you to listen to this song without wanting to dance!


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