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Liverpool's Indie sweethearts Spinn reemerged last year with the new single 'Stuck On A Feeling' which saw them take a slight shift in direction away from the synth melodies and summer Indie pop to a more Psychedelic and angsty tone. After a line up shift and countless forced postponements they are finally back with their new three-track EP 'Daydreaming'. We caught up with the boys to talk about their latest release, the frustrations of releasing music during lockdown and, now that they are one of Liverpool's brightest talents, how the city has influenced them as a collective.

How do you feel you have developed since your debut album up to the release of this new EP & how would you say the EP differs?

"I think we’ve done some growing up, I know that’s a total cliche and that but it’s true, this EP is the stepping stone we need to develop our sound from simple jangle music to more well thought out pop music".

Do you feel the new sound is coming from a different place or is it just a reflection of the current circumstances and atmosphere it was written in?

"Yeh it definitely is, we’re all in very different places to where we were in album one, Louis is literally since he moved to Shrewsbury haha, I’d say the new sound is just a development on what we have already mixed with our new interests and tastes, there’s more to it, much less naive".

What is your favourite moment on the EP?

"All of it! But especially where Christie Simpson features on 'Billie', she’s just great!".

'Billie' is the final track of the EP and carries forward the slightly more bittersweet tones we saw on 'Stuck On A Feeling' yet it still offers the Bedroom Pop melodies that echo around the room at the band's live shows and get every audience member to loosen up and copy Johnny's distinctive on stage dancing.

They are right to say that they have grown up too. The EP, whilst only short, is more mature in its construction, songwriting and particularly the lyrics, with some great lines such as "make heartbreak look like modern art" strewn through the tracks.

How has it been having to push back the release date due to COVID and is it strange having to wait so long between actually writing the tracks and eventually releasing them? "Yeah it’s been a weird one to be fair, on one hand it’s frustrating having to wait so long between albums, but on the other hand I think it’s been kind of useful to us, we had more time to to write and explore our sound than we should have because of lock down and I’m much happier with the body of work we have now than I perhaps might have been". How have you dealt with the loss of Andy and what do you think the addition of Luke will add to your sound and impact a change in style? "To be fair it was quite a seamless transition, Luke has a similar style to in some aspects, so he fitted in dead easily. Luke’s got plenty to bring to the table, he’s brilliant at building textures in our music, he’s also a great songwriter and isn’t afraid to tell me if something sounds shit, which is always appreciated".

Although there has been clear growth and development amongst the four lads the title track and opener on the EP instantly dispels any worries that they may have lost their dreamy teenage charm. 'Daydreaming' showcases what the band do best. It is a track designed for summer romances, late night drives and days spent dancing around your bedroom in oversized t-shirts. The intricate guitar layers and ever prominent bass lines create a dreamy platform for Johnny to begin his Indie boy serenade.

How do you feel Liverpool as a city has influenced you as a band, in style, personality or sound? "There’s something in the air here I honestly couldn’t write down how the city has influenced us, I just think it’s a Scouse tradition at this point, four lads with floppy hair playing pop songs on guitars is just what we do here isn’t it?". How do you think you might be different if you had formed in a different city and if SPINN had to be from a different city where do you think it would be? "SPINN wouldn’t have happened outside of Liverpool, I had the jangly noise of Cast, The La’s, The Coral, The Beatles and 'Ferry Across The Mersey' drilled into my head from a young age, SPINN is my response to that. If we had to be from anywhere else I’d have to say Birmingham since half the members are from there now".

If you had to invite 5 famous scousers past or present for a pre-gig pint who would it be? "The entirety of Monks, in fact I think I’m doing that with them next weekend".

Who are your favourite Merseyside artists right now? "Bill Ryder-Jones because he’s just unbelievable Astles because his voice can make anybody cry Bill Nixon’s because his last EP was special Ask Elliot for keeping the indie flame burning".


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