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Spell-binding Swedish duo Sixten return with new single!

Acclaimed Swedish songwriting duo Sixten make music that has a magical spirit, radiating with deep emotion and ethereal wonder. Their new single doesn’t disappoint in delivering their trademark, captivating sound and wraps you up in a spell-binding soundscape from the very first second.

Photo Credit: Jesper Speding

The warm guitar tone and delicate, rolling flow immediately draw your attention in close. Then, as the pair’s vocals intertwine with seamless interaction, the cosy, heartfelt sentiments start to stir your emotions. The track grows slowly, introducing a deep bass drum that pulses in the backdrop as well as swelling textural strings that inject a cinematic quality.

Lyrically, the sentiments are very bittersweet. There’s a pure romance and showcase of true love yet lines like “living comes with dying” and “I missed you from the first time that we met” highlight the heartbreak that is inevitably tied to the strongest of human emotions.

This is a wonderfully poignant, contemplative song that explores the power of love, the pain of loss and the complexity of healing with delicate yet impactful performance.


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