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Southampton's Darling Darling return with dreamy indie dreamscape 'Conversation Pit'!

If you're after a new indie sound that you can fully immersive yourself in, indulge in the instrumental layers and lose yourself in the dreamy textures then the new single from Darling Darling is the track for you!

After two upbeat, vintage-tinged singles back in 2021 the band have been absent for the past couple of years. Yet, they have just made a triumphant return with their new track 'Conversation Pit' which utilises these retro tones they seem to love, yet explores a more dreamy, psychedelic atmosphere that will completely absorb you.

The beat is hypnotic, offering quite a unique rhythm that radiates a smooth, groovy energy. The tone of it also helps provide a really warm and fuzzy under-layer to the track that has a good pace to it without dominating the song or disturbing the dream-like swing. This well tonal accuracy is thanks in part to critically-acclaimed mastering engineer Mick Morrison (The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Florence and the Machine).

The background instrumentals of swirling electronics create an almost sonic breeze that adds a spaced-out quality while the vocals offer subtle, soothing melodies. However, it is the flavour of the echoed lead guitar that really gives this song its charm. It is simple yet incredibly effective, injecting a vibrant hook into the otherwise, warm and fuzzy soundscape. The artwork of this track, which you can see in the video above, is perhaps the best representation of what you can expect to hear; colourful instrumentation, floating, liminal melodies and an abstract dream-like vibe that is wonderfully immersive.

Talking on the track, the band said: “Conversation Pit depicts a debrief with your closest friends whilst inebriated solely by the moment itself. This song acts as a truth serum used only to get to the bottom of the most intimate feelings surrounding the possibility of absorbing life through the lens of self-acceptance. It exists within the context of the idea that you as a person are finally accepting love and you want to share that peace with those you hold dearest.”


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