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South Africa's stake in the Post-Punk scene arrives in the form of the klubs' new single 'The Kid'!

Self-proclaimed “furious three-piece”, the klubs, prove themselves in their recent single 'The Kid', captivating us with a dirty bassline and impassioned vocals. Their sound is similar to that of Idles and Fontaines D.C, pointing to the growing popularity of Punk values while making waves in the South African music scene. This forceful powerhouse graduated from an Alt-Pop past into the grittier world of Post-Punk, tackling heavy subject matter in the only way they know how – pure angst.

Their new release conveys a sense of raw human emotion, setting them apart in a heavily saturated market where bands are often hailed as “posers.” The klubs are nothing of the sort, dedicating themselves to authenticity. The band have been active since 2019 and have steadily released music since, never straying from their affinity for driving basslines and uncompromising lyricism. In their own words, they tackle things that must be said, shouted and listened to. The world is in shambles and people are angry, and the klubs are the chaotic, furious sound to encapsulate that. The unpolished delivery of vocalist Dylan Christie favours passion and honesty, rejecting clean lines and manufactured Punk. The up-tempo rhythm of 'The Kid' begs to be listened to in a sweaty venue while being elbowed in the face by a fellow gig-goer. Or, alone with your headphones at full volume – whichever you prefer.

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