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SOFY interview: "Fuckboys, dating, heartbreak, existential crises, hedonism, nostalgia.."

The The witty lyricism and summery melodies of SOFY has risen her to the forefront of the bedroom pop scene. Her latest EP 'Bored In Colour (Part 2)' combines her slick hit singles 'Big Talk' and 'Just Mates' that contemplate modern love with coming of age anthems like 'L-Plates'. We caught up with SOFY to talk about her new EP and her live sound as she gears up for a huge summer of festivals with the first stop being Liverpool Sound City.

Q. You've just released your new EP 'Bored In Colour (Part 2) - what connects these tracks so closely with part 1 that made you want to tie together the two EP's so closely?

A. I wrote them all over the same period of time, so I feel like they encompass the same feeling for me. I wanted to make a two part EP from the offset as the first introduction to SOFY, because once I started writing songs for the first time last year it opened up a whole new world for me and I found I had quite a lot to say (shock). I’m always thinking about a million things at once but have never really been one to write them down until I discovered songwriting, so the whole Bored in Colour project definitely feels like a first diary entry in a way - a window into the weird running social commentary that’s on my mind 24/7, and a collection of my thoughts and experiences so far.

Q. What would you say are the overarching lyrical themes on the new EP?

A. There’s something for everyone in there - fuckboys, dating, heartbreak, existential crises, hedonism, nostalgia. Basically the whole melting pot of feelings of being a 20 something trying to figure shit out.

Q. What would be the perfect kind of moment to listen to your new EP for the first time?

A. Sat in a festival campsite with your mates in the sun with a warm 3 day old shitty carlsberg. But maybe skip ‘btw’ and save it for the journey home haha.

Q. 'L-Plates' is one of your most vulnerable and melancholic tracks lyrically - could you talk us through some of the lyrics to this track and where the thoughts originated?

A. L-plates came about when my best mate Ed and I were both feeling a bit shit, one of those days where you feel a bit stuck and low and nothing seems to be going right but you don’t know why (I think a lot of artists will relate to that feeling). We weren’t even trying to make a song - we were just venting, and then the song kind of just wrote itself, it’s a super honest song. It’s about experiencing feelings that you haven’t had before and figuring out how to manage your mental health, which is where the ‘driving with L-plates’ lyrics came from - you’re on the road and you have to keep going, but you’re massively out of your comfort zone and figuring it out along the way as best you can.

Q. Did you feel more exposed writing the self-examining lyrics to 'L Plates' and what prompted the blend of despondent lyrics and quite an uplifting melody?

A. Not really, because writing it felt super cathartic. It’s funny, because I find it quite hard to talk about that kind of stuff in conversation, but I never feel that way when I’m writing songs. Songwriting is a proper release for me. We wanted to balance the lyrics with the upbeat track and melody that has quite a euphoric and hopeful feel, as a reminder that everything will work out ok in the end.

Q. Which track do you feel best encapsulates the energy of the new EP and why?

A. I think probably Fiesta, it’s the perfect blend of upbeat and laid back and the lyrics are just really off the wall and stupid. I think it totally sums up the whole vibe of the project which is just doing your thing and enjoying yourself.

Q. What was your first festival experience as a fan?

A. Latitude in 2013, so it was crazy to play there last year, felt proper full circle. I remember seeing Foals and this band called Theme Park that I was obsessed with at the time. They’ve not released anything for years. I’m gutted, they were so good!

Q. What was your first festival experience as an artist?

A. This sounds nuts but it was actually Glastonbury haha, I still can’t believe that to be honest. Talk about being thrown in at the deep end!!

Q. What was your best ever festival memory?

A. It’s a toss up between Olivia Rodrigo bringing out Lily Allen at glasto last year, or our set at Truck last year - that was the first time I’ve had a packed tent and not known a single person in the crowd, and it felt like this music thing was bigger than just me and my friends.

Q. What is your worst ever festival memory?

A. James (keys in the band) pissing all over my stuff in our tent at Boardmasters last year, or me getting norovirus at glastonbury and missing Kendrick

Q. Which one of your tracks are you most looking forward to performing at Sound City?

A. L-plates, it’s so much fun to play live coz it gets proper thrashy. Bring your shin pads!!

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