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Slowcore legends Duster announce 25th anniversary edition of their debut album 'Stratosphere'!

Way back in 1998, American outfit Duster released their debut album 'Stratosphere' which would go on to become a defining album both of the Slowcore genre and of the 90s as a whole. It is a record that embarks on a cruising journey into sonic experimentation, allowing your mind to drift away and be guided by the lazy grooves, drifting vocal lines and lucid instrumental textures.

Tracks like 'Heading For The Door' offered a punchier Indie sound with hypnotically catchy guitar lines yet there biggest successes came in the form of their more abstract and floating soundscapes like 'Inside Out' which has amassed over 140 million streams.

We recently caught them playing live during our trip to Nashville and we can say that the enthralling, dream-like magic of the record still lives on to this day. The interweaving guitar parts were captivating and the tonal precision of every instrumental created a fully cohesive, warm and lo-fi sound that is undeniably Duster!

The Numero Group have now announced details of the release of a 25th anniversary edition of the record out on 29th September 2023 which will come as a foil-stamped, numbered edition on LP/CD/CASS. The LP editions will be pressed on 180G vinyl and include a lyric sheet and poster.

This album re-issue is available on black, 'Inside Out' (Numero Group Shop edition) and 'Constellations' Splatter vinyl and the CD and CASS editions include an extra track, ‘Echo Bravo’.


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