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Top 5 Singles of the month: September 2022

Red Rum Club - Vanilla

Scouse Desert Pop collective Red Rum Club have made a name for themselves over recent years for their appealingly immersive and high-energy live shows and are perhaps the most flavoursome band in the Indie scene right now. In the midst, of a US tour they have returned with new music in the form of their brand new single 'Vanilla'.

The dense baseline and guitar rhythm are instantly infectious, oozing a swagger that has become synonymous with the band. The lyrics about living life to the mundane are delivered with a smooth finesse and while the stripped back verses are intentionally simplistic, to emphasise the "vanilla" adjective, the chorus is anything but! It is pretty hard to create an thumping ear worm of a chorus just repeating one word, however they certainly pull it off. The unapologetically catchy melody is matched by a cool arrogance as the band unify in a foot stomping groove and the energy is amplified by their trademark blast of piercing trumpet. Try stopping this one getting stuck in your head!

POLSKY - Halcyon Daze

The new single from POLSKY is filled with fuzzy electro rock rhythms and is infused with an infectious funk/disco flavour that makes it oh so danceable! The off kilter drum pattern gives the track an instant edge as it jumps and darts in a angular groove that you can easily find yourself moving to in an awkward, Ian Curtis esc jolting manor. Vocally, it has a flavour of modern pop post-punk acts like Frank Ferdinand as well as some more resonant and performative 80s flair which is backed up by the retro synth textures that run throughout.

The chorus is a true stomper as the song reverts to a more familiar dance beat, flavoured by some tight funk guitar parts and a soaring vocal. The build up towards the final chorus is a highlight of the track. The dense instrumentation falls away to leave a tension building guitar line that slowly builds before diving into a warped 80s pop ramble with some fantastically dramatic backing vocals to add some classic retro finesse. A brilliant track that would be electrifying live.

Tungz - Always

Talking of retro vibes, the latest release from Bristolian indie pop outfit Tungz is drenched in a glimmering nostalgia. After more than a year away, they have returned with their new single ‘Always’ that is built off a drifting groove full of layers upon layers of electronic, funky instrumentation. The appeal of this track does lie in its layered sounds.

Early on it is the mix of synth chords, deep electronic melodies and tight guitar patterns that tangle together and create a bed of sound for the Tame Impala like vocals drift on top of. Yet, as the song grows vocal layers are introduced, creating a swirling indie pop soundscape that has elements of The 1975, Everything Everything and Foals. A blissful creation that you can easily get lost in!

Dubinski - Beyond me

You can probably tell this just by taking one look at their vibrant appearance, but Edinburgh based indie outfit Dubinski don’t hide behind any falsities. They are their truest selves, letting their accents shine though their vocals and their feelings flow through their lyrics to create a really honest indie bop. The four melody makers have been releasing sporadic singles since 2015 but it really feels like they are picking up momentum in 2022.

‘Soothsayer’ brought an edgy, moody atmosphere back in May, ‘MTSB’ offered a more spaced out electronic sound in July and now ‘Beyond Me’ is a high energy sunshine indie hit that wraps up this trio of singles perfectly. The Magic Gang esc bright tones and undeniably catchy vocals prove why they are getting nations backing ahead of their debut album out November 11th!

Lip Filler - Cool

The newest arrivals on the Post Punk scene are Southwest quintet Lip Filler who have recently arrived with their debut single 'Cool'. It's always hard to judge from a singular track however what we can learn is that these guys are packed full of energy and have a love for a wide range of guitar-band influences that they have packed into this debut release.

The verses have that driving, busy sound that has become synonymous with the new wave of Post Punk. The bass and guitar lines provide a solid groove while an eclectic percussion filled with ride cymbals and cowbells gives it that slightly hectic undertone. However, at times the song drifts into a more psychedelic landscape with spaced out vocals and long, drifting notes. These moments offer an insight into another side of the band's arsenal and offer a tranquil rest-bite before launching back into the angsty Indie Rock ramble. The layered vocal shouts create a camaraderie that is always great to hear from a new band and we will certainly be all ears when their next track arrives.


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