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Singles of the month - May 2022 ft. Jamie T, Abbie Ozard, Foals & more!

Jamie T - The Old Style Raiders

At last, Indie legend Jamie T is back after a five year hiatus since his last album. His new single is the first from his upcoming album 'The Theory of Whatever' which is set for release on July 29th. The track is vintage Jamie from the word go. It opens with a euphoric combination of big scratchy guitar chords that were scattered throughout his last album and distant soaring melodies that carry the bittersweet tones of 'Carry On The Grudge'. His lyrics then bound in, tumbling over each other in typically loose phrasing that verges on the edge of rap. The song as a whole feels like a coming-of-age adventure, something perhaps alluded to in the artwork. Lyrically it tackles the search for true love, not the love that we experience on the daily but something that you can truly devote your entire self to. It is both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. The chorus is huge and more than ready for Jamie's return to the live scene. A fantastic return, let's just hope the album lives up to this teaser!

Abbie Ozard - Rose Tinted

Following her incredible 2021 EP 'let's play pretend' that cemented her place as one of the most exciting new Indie/Bedroom Pop stars, Abbie has entered 2022 with two new singles. The first 'Pisces' was a dreamy offering that allowed her loose, carefree vocals to drift across a bright synth melody. It was the perfect track for lying back in the grass on a hazy summer day. Now, she is back with an absolute anthem 'Rose Tinted'. The opening spoken word vocals that are honest and introspective may remind you of artists like Phoebe Green. Then, the chorus breaks out into fuzzy swirl of sound that is burst by her infectious vocal melody. The lyrics ramble over one another in a tightly wrapped stream of consciousness that is charming in its realism. Come for the ear worming melodies and stay for the insightful and characteristically honest lyrics.

Foals - 2001

As Foals gear up for their new album, due June 17th, their new single 2001 has given us a final glimpse of what kind of beast the album will be. In terms of style the new tracks don't sound too dissimilar to 2019's 'Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost pt.1' as they take the complex art school rhythms that ran throughout their debut album and churn them through a bigger, more punchy and electronically charged machine. The previous single '2am' is driven by a retro toned synth melody and crisp but not over complicated guitar line. Together they provide a really joyful sound that gradually builds up to big groovy chorus's aided by the echoed chorus of vocals that have become synonymous with the band's music.

Now, '2001' sees the band as crisp and funky as ever. The disco/funk guitar rhythm is what gives the track its flavour. Rolling bass rhythms and smooth vocal textures add a warm layer that make you want to listen to this track right at the start of a tropical pool party. It is pretty low key in its personality, yet it is drenched in sunset serenity and radiates a carefree vibe that brings a chilled out balance to the previous two party banger singles. Bring on the album!

George O'Hanlon - Call Me

This year has seen singer/songwriter George O'Hanlon completely evolve his sound and become one of the most talked about male solo artists in the Indie scene. From the cinematic, acoustic productions that first gained him attention, he has developed a much more built-up and expansive sound. 'How Are You Feeling?' captured the drifting cinematic quality of his early work but wrapped it into an euphoric coating of gliding melody vocal/instrumental harmony that sounds like its straight off a life-affirming adventure movie soundtrack. 'Seagulls' dug into a deeper, more contemplative grunge whirlwind of heavy distorted guitars and a cool blend of optimism and melancholia.

Now, he has packaged up this new sound in his new EP that features two new tracks. The standout has to be 'Call Me', a really dark and immersive track that showcases the skill and authenticity of George's songwriting as well as the emotional versatility of his voice. Opening with just him and an electric guitar that slowly rambles in the distance, it then builds into an angsty expressionistic finale full of passion and heart. Everything George produces is just brimming with emotion and this new EP is the perfect 4-track showcase for the immense potential he has.

Wild Spelks - Hail Mary

After a succession of singles over the past couple of years that attracted attention from the likes of Clash Magazine and BBC Introducing, North East based solo artist Wild Spelks has returned with his first track of 2022. Sonically it rings of 00s Indie Rock with its perpetuating fuzzy riffs forming a dense underbelly of bittersweet chords that sets the mood perfectly for a huge vocal chorus...and it sure does come. There is a vulnerability to the vocals throughout this track. Often the lyrics are extremely self critical yet somehow the chorus is still is euphoric. This contrast between self deprecation and an uplifting, energetic chorus is stirring and makes it the perfect track for dancing around your room and contemplating your life at the same time.

Jonny Perrins - Dreary

With a slackjawed vocal drawl and appealingly scrappy instrumental frenzy, the new single from London's Jonny Perrins evokes the spirit of Punk classics. It has a slightly live feeling to it as all elements of the track are pretty level in the mix so that the drums and guitars crash around the vocals, creating a fight to be heard throughout the entire track. This fight results in an audible gritty passion radiating from every line. The lyrics are delivered with a loose, drawn out phrasing, emitting a discontent that matches the tracks title to a tee. Hectic moshpits will ensue when this track is released on the 27th, so get ready!

Evie Moran - Disconnected

Following on from the acoustic serenity of her sophomore single ‘Dream’ which received support from BBC Introducing and KCC Live, Liverpool based singer-songwriter Evie Moran is back with her newest track ‘Disconnected’ out May 27th. The new release is her first collaboration with Ben Hughes and her debut release via Tri-Tone Music (Sugarstone, Urbanparcs). ‘Disconnected’ creates strong lyrical imagery and explores themes of gratitude towards those who have helped you heal. Sonically, the song combines the mature, poetic songwriting of Billie Marten with the ethereal vocal tones of Laura Marling to create a blissfully aesthetic sound.

Reflecting on influences such as Lucy Rose and The Staves, her carefully crafted originals tell stories of love, dreams and nature. Her songwriting is audibly honest while still possessing a dreamy aesthetic that will make your mind drift away into tranquility. With the help of producer Leo Martin, Evie has maintained the tender tones of her songwriting whilst adding a much fuller arrangement to create her most rich and warming track to date.

Conal Kelly - Help Me Out

If you're after a track that is crisp, slick and prepped for the Summer then look no further than Conal Kelly's new single 'Help Me Out'. It bursts open with an instantly catchy uptempo rhythm and clean guitar riff. The vocals arrive, funneled through a warped bedroom pop tone that makes them feel slightly spaced out as they drag you into a summery daydream. Throughout the song, little synth subtleties flavour the track with a blissful sprinkle of softness while the lead guitar pierces the tranquil atmosphere at times to inject the song with a high-octane energy that you can't help but dance to. Whether you want to drift away and escape the real world or you want to gather all your best friends and jump around madly with the speaker on full then this track will serve you well.



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