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Singles of the month: March 2022 ft. Sports Team, The Vaccines, Crawlers, Fontaines D.C. and more!

There's been lots of great new music this month as bands gear up for new albums and the start of festival season. Here's a selection of our favourite singles from this month.

Sports Team - R Entertainment

One of the UK's most lively Indie bands Sports Team have just announced that their second album 'Gulp!' is arriving on July 22nd just in time for the summer. The first single from this new project 'R Entertainment' is out now and is packed full of their trademark rambling energy. Driven by a bright guitar hook and Alex Rice's distinctive vocal shouts the atmosphere reflects the sunny desert adventure that you can see in the above video. The shuffling drum rhythm provides a constant flow of energy throughout making this new single a perfect addition to their famously bouncy live set. In terms of style, it seems as though we will be getting a lot more of what mad their debut record so charming. Really thick layers of care free Indie fun and the occasional pause to chant back lyrics and take a breath before diving into the festival tent moshpit.

Fontaines D.C. - Skinty Fia

As you may know, Fontaines D.C. are closing in on their third album 'Skinty Fia' which is due for release on April 22nd. This month they offered up their final teaser before the big release in the form of the title track. In terms of style it radiates quite a different tone to the previous gloomy proclamations of 'Jackie Down The Line' and 'I Love You'. It opens up with a warped electro sound before leaping into a thumping, industrial drum rhythm that drives most of the track. It is littered with abstract noises and jarring sound effects that cut through deep monotone vocal flow. This dark yet funky atmosphere radiates a load of swagger and will no doubt be a perfect walk out track when they begin their tour this Autumn.

Kate Clover - Heaven Down Here

In contrast to the hypnotic hum of Fontaines D.C. the latest track from American Garage Rock songwriter Kate Clover barrels out of the traps with an electrifying opening riff. From the first note you can't help but want to get up and dance to this track as it just burst with energy. The noise is thick and fuzzy, emitting the warm yet aggressive guitar tones of American Psych Rock and it never once relents. Vocally Kate offers a retro character that could even be suited for more dreamy, Folk/Psychedelic soundscapes similar to The Sundowners yet in this setting her voice comes alive, using the depth of character of her palette to form a smooth but impactful melody while the high-octane riff whirls around her. 'Heaven Down Here' is taken from her upcoming debut LP so keep your eyes peeled for more.

The Vaccines - Disaster Girl

After only a few months since their incredible last album 'Back In Love City' Indie giants The Vaccines have announced a brand new 6-track EP 'Planet Of The Youth' coming on April 8th. The first single from this EP 'Thunder Fever' was released last month and it packed all of the fun, loved-up feel-good energy of the last record. This month they provided another teaser with the new single 'Disaster Girl'. This track takes a more angty feel but is still drenched in their distinctive fast-paced modern Americana. The verses have their classic rolling tempo perfect for a Summer roadtrip while the chorus is made up of drum stabs and a fuzzy vocal flourish repeating the title line. It has that retro, car radio tone to it that plays in perfectly with their American collage romance vibes. Top that all off one with an electrifying guitar solo that is custom made for a crazy Summer festival performance and you've got another fantastic single that demonstrates just how far off finished these legends of the genre are.

Maximo Park - Great Art

Talking of bands from the mid 00s Indie frenzy, Maximo Park are about to embark on a tour playing all the hits from 'Apply Some Pressure' to 'Girls Who Play Guitar'. To accompany this tour they have released a brand new single 'Great Art'. The song opens with contemplative electronic soundscape before bursting into punky drum rhythm. It's a great intro that places two completely contrasting sounds together and instantly makes you intrigued for what is to come. The majority is full of elements that the band's original fans will love. Crisp guitar riffs and a slightly performative vocal delivery delivered with a twist of arrogance. Given the recent Post-Punk revival this feels like the perfect time for Maximo Park. 'Great Art' manages to feel fresh and modern while still radiating the same energy that made them so popular 1 years ago and it will be a fantastic addition to their upcoming tour set list.

Crawlers - I Can't Drive

Scouse Alt Rock outfit Crawlers soared into the public eye over lockdown thanks to their TikTok videos and breakthrough hit 'Come Over (Again)'. That track was a bit of a detour from their usual gritty roots so it was intriguing to see what kind of sound they produced next. Well, their new single 'I Can't Drive' is probably the best answer they could have produced to satisfy both their original Punk loving fans and their new wave of post-lockdown listeners. This new single captures all of the heartfelt sing-a-long passion of 'Come Over (Again)' but spits it out with a dose more venom, leaving plenty of room for the vocals too soar in an growling Alt Rock spiral of aggression. The opening lyrics showcase a beautiful vulnerability in their songwriting and lead singer Liv manages to cover an impressive range of vocal resonance with quite a quick-fire flow. A superb follow up to their lockdown hit that should satisfy the mosh pit cravers and heartbreak ravers alike.

Luna Blue - Lou Lou

One of the front runners in Brighton's thriving Indie scene are Luna Blue. Blending electro pop melodies with a slick groove makes their new single 'Lou Lou' an irresistible Summer anthem. Their groove-led style relies on intertwining funky rhythms that build up a thick textural bed of sound for the vocals to perform on top of. This approach rings of Foals and Glass Caves, combining the occasional passionate vocal call with a more laid-back, smooth instrumentation. This track is super colourful and super catchy so its definitely one to get listening to as the sun starts to shine.

Jonny Lucas - The Needle's Falling

British-born but Nashville based songwriter/producer Jonny Lucas has had an eclectic career working with the likes of Desmond Child, Roger Cook and Lincoln Parish but since lockdown he has been releasing a succession of his own solo singles. They began as quite cinematic and production-focused works yet more recently he has delivered three Rock anthems! 'Go Coastal' radiated an anthemic Oasis esc swagger, 'Wouldn't Even Blink' was reminiscent of mid 00s Indie and now 'The Needle's Falling' delivers his most infectious melody yet. A rolling Arctic Monkey's sounding riff tangles around the rhythm, adding a crisp hook while Jonny's vocals are backed by high toned background harmonies that together all form a really well layered chorus that will root itself deeply in your mind.




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