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Singles of the month: February 2024

Here's just SOME of our favourite singles released this month...

Home Counties - Uptight

As Home Counties gear up for their debut album (Due 3rd May 2024), they have continued to showcase their newfound sound with their latest single ‘Uptight’. Having won us round with their abstract, angsty and expressive electro Punk explosions of their early music, they have well and truly switched things up for their new record.

Photo Credit: Lily Doidge

Following in the same vain as earlier single ‘Bethnal Green’, this new track has a much slicker finesse than their earlier work. They still utilise their knack for infectious, dance worthy Funk rhythms to make a sound that is truly exciting from start to finish, yet these rhythms are coming from a disco beat and sharp riffs rather than the much harsher expressions of their past sound.

The synths give the sound a vibrant feel as well as a slightly Art Pop intrigue while the newly added female vocals offer a tonal balance which works really nicely and brings a communal sound to their music as you can hear multiple vocal lines at once.

The lyrics remain down to earth, with lines like “It’s only fucking midnight, we’re all out of Red Stripe” brining a relatable edge to the otherwise, abstract sonic setting. 

The finale brings things to a close with a sound that you just can’t help but want to move to! All elements come together in perfect fusion; tight guitar riffs, bubbling keys, whirring synths, funky drums and a fractured vocal notes and a punchy lead guitar line that drives home a frantic ending that leaves you wanting more! 

Niamh Regan - Madonna

Niamh Regan has released a brand-new single ‘Madonna’. The Irish singer songwriter from county Galway follows on from the release of her critically acclaimed album ‘Hemet’ in 2020, which was nominated for best album at the RTÉ Choice Music Prize Awards and the RTÉ Folk Awards.

The song features beautiful acoustic guitar coupled together with the intimacy of Niamh Regan’s vocals. The lyrics of the song delves into human emotion, love and relationships. The question “a Madonna whore complex is it a thing?” is the central one that Niamh comes back to throughout the song. “The Madonna whore complex” is a tendency for men to categorise women into the polar extremes of “Madonna”, symbolising purity and innocence or “whore”, promiscuity and sexual desire. By repeating the question, the song questions whether this plays an important part in relationships.

The song explores “found things to talk about” and “found things to think about” and the mundane yet cherished bits of life emphasise the importance of the small moments in life. The repetition of the phrase “You're too pretty for me to say chivalry’s dead” along with the slight melancholic repeating acoustic guitar lick suggests the overall tone is one that is sad in nature. However, the content of the lyrics suggests an internal conflict within the artist herself.

The simplistic yet effective structure of the song perfectly encapsulates the feelings and anguish of societal pressures and the expectations of women. With the song playing out with slow acoustic riff.

SOMOH - Problem Child

Bedroom Pop songwriter SOMOH has been releasing hit after hit in the past 12 months with a slew of singles that have never failed to land!

Her music blends introspective vocal contemplations, thoughtful lyrical sentiments & fuzzy Indie melodies. The latest single ‘Problem Child’ has a moody groove to it that lures your attention in, casting a melancholic glow over the track as she reflects on her self critique’s and “staying silent”

The vocal flow is a smooth one, working in tandem with the drums to create a slick rhythm that has a more inventive twist than your average Indie single.

The highlight of the song really comes in the chorus though as the vocals become layered, really emphasising the power and emotion of her vocals. Meanwhile, a grittier guitar tone floods the soundscape, filling it with angst and energy. Her vocal style remains gentle yet the production and instrumentals elevate it to become much punchier while remaining supremely melodic.

Another winner from one of the most exciting new songwriting talents.

WRKHOUSE - Getaway

Having already played at sold out shows at Cardiff’s Clwb Ifor Bach, Manchester's The Deaf Institute and The Victoria Dalston in London, Welsh newcomers WRKHOUSE are making waves in the Indie scene. Their debut single 'Getaway' proves just why they are being so hotly talked about.

The vocals are supremely smooth while the light Indie groove lulls you into a gentle melodic flow that may remind you of Foals. Yet, there is more to this track than meets the eye. The chorus raises the intensity of the track tenfold, bringing in huge rock stabs and a soaring synth sound that is bright yet moody in its tone. This combination builds a wall of sound that the vocals can float on top of and create a huge Indie sound.

There's moments of insular introspection and moments of melancholic anthemia, equally are as engrossing. This debut showcases a wide range of songwriting talents, we just hope there's more to come from these guys in 2024.

Muo Duo - Exciting Times

Muo Duo have released their new single ‘Exciting Times’. The brother and sister duo from New-York have released songs under the Muo Duo moniker in 2020 during the pandemic. Since then, they have developed their own unique style, a merge of Indie and Hip Hop.

On the new track Miles’ and Winter’s vocals match very well and the overlay of both their vocals creates a punchier tone to the lyrics. The song’s lyrics are about “living in exciting times” and being in the moment, thus the drums and guitar are appropriately punchy and upbeat.

The chorus is catchy and is definitely one that you can sing along to. The song’s lyrics “I would just wish you’d fix up your issues, give me a call I’ll erase them all” suggests some kind of escape from reality and a look at the “exciting times” ahead. The song is a great insight into the duo’s style and it will be interesting to see what they come up with in the future.

Sick Love - Ricochet

‘Ricochet’, the latest single from Irish rockers Sick Love, bursts right out of the traps with a huge energy! Big riffs and crashing drum stabs kick off proceedings in style before the slick verse kicks in. This verse is a little more commercial and refined, hinting at their pop sensibilities that make their music so infectious. Tight and fast vocal flows build a tension ready for the chorus to really explode…and explode it does!

Anthemic vocals and an insanely powerful rock backing makes for a furiously euphoric chorus that combines hints of Royal Blood, Pale Waves, YONAKA & fellow newcomers VENUS GRRRLS. The instrumentals sections are just as anthemic, offering the perfect head banging, mosh pit inducing energy for you to enjoy! 

Corella - Drifting

Undoubtedly one of the most exciting new Indie anthem makers in the North-West, Corella have released yet another infectious banger as they build up their debut album 'Once Upon A Weekend' which is due for release on May 3rd.

Photo Credit: Jake Haseldine

The new single 'Drifting' is a high-energy, uplifting Indie hit that is built for the live setting. The fast paced guitar riffs layer up in the intro building a sonic tension before the track bursts into life. Even in the verses each vocal line is sang with a soaring passion, yet the built up vocal sounds of the chorus have that extra umph that will have you singing along in no time.

Comparable to the early Circa Waves sound, Corella have a wonderful blend of relatable, simplistic lyricism and euphoric energy. The rip-roaring guitar solo towards the end of the song emits a free-spirited joy and the catchy chorus will have hardcore fans and complete newcomers alike dancing around the room.

SOCKITTOME - disguise

The slick Indie Pop sounds of SOCKITTOME are instantly infectious and over the past few years, his string of Bedroom bangers have been met with widespread praise. 2022's 'say i'm not sorry' has amassed close to half a million streams yet 2023 was a quieter year for the songwriter. However... he's back for 2024 with his brand new single 'disguise'.

By blending crisp guitar lines and punchy electro textures the song immediately bursts into life and enthrals you in a vibrant sonic world that is reminiscent of bands like Bad Sounds. Sunny backing harmonies are in abundance as a wide range of vocal lines combine together, sometimes simply to elevate the impact of the melodies but, at other times, to add a more Art Pop flair in a style similar to Everything Everything.

The chorus is supremely catchy, offering an infectious summer sound that will transport you away from these cold winter days and into a warm state of dance-inducing Indie energy.

We're hoping that there's more to come this year from SOCKITTOME because if he keeps going the way he is then he's going to become of the UK's most flavoursome Indie Pop hit makers.


Scottish Alternative outfit DAYTIME TV use a combination of refined Pop Rock production, raw passion and infectious melodies to produce a sound that is both powerful and melodic and perfect for both the mosh pit and sunny festival stage.

Their new single ‘Fear’ starts with quite a moody groove. The pulsating electro sounds and deep bass line are hypnotic, creating an immersive sound that wraps you ip in a slick, late night vibe. However, the chorus completely flips this vibey sound on its head.

Huge, soaring vocals are met with a ferocious guitar riff that injects the song with a power and intensity that demands your attention. The vocal melody is innately catchy and commercial yet it is sung with such power that it leans more into the rock world. Meanwhile the synths continue to whir in the background, elevating the brightness and infectious Pop spirit of the chorus.

Another super fun and punchy hit from one of Scotland’s most exciting new acts.


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