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Singles of the month: August 2022 ft. Sarpa Salpa, Emma Bradley & more!

Conor Cassidy - Eat Your Heart Out!

The new single from Conor Cassidy is packed full of rolling tension from the very first seconds thanks to the tight guitar line that sounds ready to explode. ‘Eat Your Heart Out!’ follows on from Connor’s well received debut single ‘Radio Silence’ that was released earlier this year and continues his impressive early form. The song sees Connor wear his retro influences on his sleeve, with tones of American greats such as Bruce Springsteen ringing throughout. Having already toured the US, supported the likes of The Kooks & recorded with GRAMMY award winning producer Simon Climie, you may be surprised to hear that he only has two tracks released under his name. However, they both showcase a maturity and talent in songwriting that far exceeds that of your usual Indie newcomer.

‘Eat Your Heart Out!’ has a warm, uplifting tone. The perpetuating drum rhythm provides a nostalgic, contemplative feel that combines with the soaring vocal style to produce a very Sam Fender esc sound. Now, it may seem very easy to compare new Indie artists to the current star of the scene however Connor’s and Sam’s music really does share a lot of similarities. The heavy focus on Springsteen esc, lyrical songwriting as well as the rich, heartfelt undertones produce an almost timeless sound full of bittersweet optimism that will linger with you long after the final notes.

More In Luv - 23

Liverpool quartet More In Luv have been teasing their Indie Pop melodies since the start of the first lockdown, providing plenty of sun dripped uplifting bangers to keep us going through the socially distanced Summers. Most recently, they turned their heads down a more emotive path with the single 'Living For Two' which builds off elements of their previous singles like the funky rhythms of 'Someone Else' and the slick textural production of 'Like You' but twists them into a more frustrated atmosphere.

Now, they are back once again with their brand new release '23'. It opens with a nostalgic 90s Rock sounding riff that instantly grabs your attention. The vocals then dive in to provide a stark contrast with their super smooth finesse. These retro Pop Punk undertones linger throughout with some catchy backing hooks that ring of modern Yungblud or The 1975. With the main lyrical theme centering around being love struck at a certain age, the retro sonic tones are hugely appropriate. This is the smoothest that More In Luv have ever sounded but they don't let this reduce their character and still let their Scouse twang shine through.

Emma Bradley - Renew Me

After making a name for herself last year with her blissful single 'Perfumed By You' which was followed up by her debut EP with the same name, Emma Bradley has made her highly anticpiated returned in 2022. The deep richness of her vocal tones will grab your attention from the first notes on her latest single 'Renew'. You could easily become enthralled by her voice and lyrics alone on this track. However, a subtle yet gritty Indie Rock backing adds a nice bite to really emphasise the emotion of her words.

The chorus is mesmerisingly beautiful in its subtle melody. It doesn't try too hard to make an impact by ramping up the production to the max. It is confident in the quality of its melody and delivers it with a hazy sway perfect for a sunny roadtrip. It is built off a fantastic vocal back and forth between Emma and a chorus of backing vocals that have a crisp bite to them and thus create a blend of smooth harmony and growing energy. The perfect antidote to post-Summer blues.

Sarpa Salpa - Dreaming

The electro infused Indie of Northampton's Sarpa Salpa is hard not to appeal to the ears of any one craving the euphoria of live music. Their EP from last year was perhaps the best replica of that infectious dance floor feeling that you can get on record. Now, the band are back in 2022 with two new singles.

'Somebody' is packed full of drama and tension with its rambling drum rhythm and soaring vocals performance. The more commercial side of their repertoire slips in too, with big, danceworthy piano chords flavouring the sound. Then, this month, 'Dreaming' land with a more groove-laiden sound full of funky riffs and space-age synth melodies that will beam you up into an electro-pop space land. The final third of the track really showcases their quality, building steadily up to a euphoric, frenzied ending bursting with energy.

Beauty School - Oak

What begins as a gentle, cinematic string soundscape soon turns into a heavy hitting Alt track that pops out of the speakers! This is the new single ‘Oak’ from Rock newcomers Beauty School who have been releasing a solid stream of new music this year and raising eyebrows across the scene. Big guitar lines that have a nostalgic 00s feel lead the charge while a punchy drum rhythm brings an undeniable force. The fact that these drums are put so forward in the mix make them have a huge impact, directing the movement of the track from start to finish.

There are two main appeals of this song that make it standout and land a spot on this list. Firstly, it is one of those tracks that doesn’t just rely on a huge chorus and simply uses the verse as a springboard for the dive into a moshworthy chorus. Every line of the song has something to captivate your attention, whether that be the piercing, powerful vocal tones or the moments of soaring rock flair. Secondly, is the balance that the song finds between high, ferocious energy and earworming melody. It lacks the cheesiness of some 00s pop punk thanks to the the melody not being overly refined and commercialised while it also avoids an overwhelming barrage of Rock power which can sometimes feel like a compensation for the lack of merit within the song. ‘Oak’ offers a fantastically memorable chorus that you will be singing back time and time again while still delivering each line with enough bite to keep you in your toes!


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