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Seraph release joyous Indie Pop anthem perfect for summer!

If you're looking for a joyous slice of Indie Funk anthemia to keep you dancing this summer then look no further than the new single from American outfit Seraph. Their latest release 'The Night (I Can't Bear To Lose You)' oozes with the sound of The 1975, radiating the same danceable energy, Disco-infused guitar lines, punchy production and catchy vocal flows.

It must be mentioned the track is self-produced which is a real achievement given how big and powerful the production is on the track; it really brings every instrumental element alive without drowning the sound out.

The popping drum groove leads the charge, driving an energy and rhythm that makes you want to move. Meanwhile, a shimmering soundscape of synths bubble along in the background adding a vibrant coating of summery melodies. The vocals are crisp and refined with a commercial edge yet still pack a punch when it comes to passion and emotion. Lyrics are sung with a soaring delivery so that there is nothing understated about the song.

A brilliantly anthemic Indie Pop hit that you need to discover!


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