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Scouse Post-Punk trio Eyesore & The Jinx return with double track release out now on 7"

Liverpool-based Post Punk outfit Eyesore & The Jinx have returned with two new tracks. The first of which, 'An Ideas Man', is a song that combines layers of bustling art-infused rhythms with a quirky, spoken-word delivery. The band state themselves that their lyrics "often consist of ugly narratives centred around vile fictional characters" and "centres around the worst of society (the eyesore), but with a playful side (the jinx)".

This is very apparent on the new track as the lyrics guide the listener through cynical methods of maximising income while the bright guitar line and funky drum pattern offer a hip-shaking groove encouraging you to dance along to the grim lyrical tale. It is musically loose and lyrically sharp, building an almost hypnotic sonic ramble peppered with harsh guitar chords and raw cymbal sounds while their lyrics point out the absurdity of excessive profiteering.

'Do What You Love' is perhaps even more instrumentally flavoursome. Every single woodblock hit, guitar note and cymbal splash is delivered with a direct and angular edge. Every single sound pops! The groove is a steady head swinger that you can get lost in as it becomes increasingly hypnotic as the song goes on. The back and forth between the title line vocals "Do what you love" and the sharp guitar riff that creates an fantastic sonic connection that allows you to imagine the band rehearsing the track, playing off each other to create a succinct, playful rhythm that sounds almost improvised but is in fact highly refined.

Comparable in style to Yard Act's early material, Home Counties or fellow scousers Courting, these two new tracks ride the new Post Punk wave to good effect with intricate percussive blends, witty vocals and moments of playful high-energy flourishes. Eyesore are also becoming one of the city's best live acts so keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming live shows.

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Joseph Larson
Joseph Larson
May 19, 2023

It's exciting to see emerging artists being featured and supported in the music blogosphere. Thank you for sharing this engaging article and showcasing the talent of Eyesore & The Jinx!

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