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Scottish Rockers DAYTIME TV build up to new EP with latest singles 'Fear' & 'Lost In Tokyo'!

Scottish Alternative outfit DAYTIME TV use a combination of refined Pop Rock production, raw passion and infectious melodies to produce a sound that is both powerful and melodic and perfect for both the mosh pit and sunny festival stage. Their recent duo of singles 'Fear' & 'Lost In Tokyo' have got fans, including us, excited for their upcoming EP 'Island'.

‘Fear’ starts with quite a moody groove. The pulsating electro sounds and deep bass line are hypnotic, creating an immersive sound that wraps you ip in a slick, late night vibe. However, the chorus completely flips this vibey sound on its head. Huge, soaring vocals are met with a ferocious guitar riff that injects the song with a power and intensity that demands your attention. The vocal melody is innately catchy and commercial yet it is sung with such power that it leans more into the rock world. Meanwhile the synths continue to whir in the background, elevating the brightness and infectious Pop spirit of the chorus.

'Lost In Tokyo' leans even further into the world of Electronica, leading with a futuristic, warped electro line that has an abstract yet catchy melody to it. The vocals have a resonant command, delivering each word with a full-bodied tone and confident command that brings a drama to the song.

The scale and drama of their tracks mean it is no surprise that they recently supported Feeder at the Roundhouse and have received support from BBC Radio One!

We can't wait for the full EP to arrive!


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