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Scottish Indie songwriter Nicky Lipp releases uplifting new EP 'firsts.'!

Newly emerged songwriter Nicky Lipp has been making a name for himself on the Scottish scene thanks to his wide-ranging quick-fire releases that continue to surprise fans and showcase more and more strings to his sonic bow. His new EP 'firsts.' combines his recent run of singles and VLURE remix into a 6-track highlight reel of what he has to offer.

Tracks like 'BULLSEYE', 'HALLELUJAH KID' and 'ONE OF THESE DAYS' are bouncy Indie singles full of energy and swagger. The production is very modern and built up with dense layers of funky percussion and tangled, crisp guitar lines provide a slick backdrop for Nick's bright and powerful Indie melodies. Meanwhile, opening track 'TAKE CARE' offers a more steady, rolling rhythm that rings of Sam Fender. This pace allows Nick to deliver more drawn out, poignant vocal lines filled with a deep, resonant tone. These vocals then soar higher in the bigger moments highlighting his tremendous vocal range. 'FISH OUT OF WATER' also leans into this more emotive, poignant style, offering a more melancholic contrast to the uplifting spirit of his other songs.

The 'ONE OF THESE DAYS' VLURE remix that finishes the EP adds a fantastic texture texture to the collection, injecting a more abstract electronic intensity into his music. This remix from one of Scotland's hottest new prospects is also testament to how respected Nick's songwriting is to his peers. Expect more coming soon...


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