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Scottish Folk songwriter Seán R. McLaughlin teases upcoming album with new single 'Wishing Well'!

Well regarded Scottish Folk songwriter Seán R. McLaughlin has teamed up once again with his backing band The Wind Up Crows as he gears up for his eagerly awaited full album, 'Goodnight Lad', due for release on 3rd May 2024. The record is available for pre-order in limited edition transparent blue vinyl and CD from the Wind-Up Crows Bandcamp.

Sean's abilities are no surprise given some of his notable family relations which show that skills in songwriting and musical arrangement run in the blood. He has leaned into this family connection on new single 'Wishing Well', utilising the vocals harmonies of his brother and acclaimed songwriter Lewis McLaughlin as well as having the track produced/mixed by their shared cousin, Andy Monaghan of Frightened Rabbit. In fact, the Viola that features on the track was even rescued from his Grandfather's fireplace, creating a true family feel which relates nicely to the lyrical sentiments of the track.

Sonically, 'Wishing Well' is a really full-bodied, warming track with a section of stringed instruments injecting a Celtic Folk vibrancy which compliments the soft, shuffling percussion well. The layered vocal lines makes the melodies really impactful, landing with a smooth finesse but a powerful weight.

Lyrically, Sean stated that the song “started as a character song about this person who just wants to disappear, but knows it’s almost impossible these days…finding the constant sense of being observed, and the daily data capture that takes place in most of our lives, a bit overwhelming and unhealthy".

This is a very richly textured track with an uplifting spirit and wholesome family edge that makes us excited for the album to come.


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