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Sam Nicholson builds up to his new album with his anthemic, heartfelt new single 'Gummi'

“You just don’t know”...words that stick with you hauntingly as Samuel Nicholson bares his heart out in his new track 'Gummi'. The third single from his upcoming album, 'Birthday suit'.

'Gummi' starts off with guitar strums and plays with some interesting synths before the drums come in. The song is about love and loss and you can hear that, not only in the melancholic lyrics but in the sonic style of the song too. Nicholson’s sound is reminiscent of artists like Bon Iver and Rex Orange County with their guitar-centric instrumentals enveloped in deep meaningful lyrics.

Nicholson describes his forthcoming album as a dysfunctional self-portrait saying he wanted to make the record as honest as possible. He has just recently announced his 'Birthday Suit' UK tour and you can purchase tickets here.


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