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Roger Songbird releases Glam Rock stomper 'BAD RELIGION'!

Like a combination between The Black Keys and Miles Kane's 2018 'Coup De Grace' album, the new track from Roger Songbird is an irresistibly catchy Blues Rock / Glam Rock blend. The new release 'BAD RELIGION' completes a trio of 2024 singles from the American songwriter and, in our opinion, has delivered his best song to date.

The more stripped back intro sets the tone, with scratchy Blues guitar tones and Roger's conversational, raspy drawl giving the track a swagger and unfiltered groove that is easy to get on board with. The verses maintain this vibe but with the addition of a dancey drum rhythm which injects the song with a perpetual bouncy energy.

The chorus then builds on this dancey feel and brings the song alive with a joyous Glam energy. An infectious vocal back and forth between Roger and an almost gospel-like backing group makes you want to get on your feet and start chanting the hooky chorus back straight away.

A fantastic mix, between raw, edgy Blues approach and unapologetically catchy Glam energy makes for a wonderful track that we can't get out of our heads.


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