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Discover the incredible vocal talents of Rock songwriter Wïlderman and his new Surf-tinged single 'Only one'!

Do you like the gritty swagger of retro Indie Rock and the primal emotions of Soul? Then the new track 'Only One' from Wïlderman may just be for you! In sound, the track lies very definitely on the Rock side of things, borrowing elements from Americana, Blues and Surf in the process, laying down a stomping rhythm and gravely guitar line. However, the unfiltered, raw affect of Bobby Anderson's vocals taps into the joyous, unforgiving passions of Soul. Having heard the track, it will come as no surprise that Bobby is the son of Young Disciples singer Carleen Anderson and grandson of James Brown’s right-hand man Bobby Byrd.

Bobby has become an intrinsic part of the fabric of Bristol’s live music scene over the last 15 years, including stints fronting cult band Fortune Drive and touring with fellow Bristolians IDLES in 2020. It is fully understandable that he would be sharing a stage with IDLES as, although musically different, there is a great similarity in the emotional depth that their vocals tap into.

The production on the instrumentals in 'Only One' is similarly unfiltered and unrefined, allowing the natural crunch of the drums and loose grumble of the riff to create an echoed sound filled with attitude. The majority of the melodies are rigid and almost spoken so that the lyrics are felt with full force, yet, the chorus has a wonderfully warm Surf-tinged melody that gives the song its lasting uplifting impression.

We can't wait to hear more from Bobby in 2024!


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