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Rina Sawayama opens up about her childhood in new single ‘Catch Me in the Air’!

Rina Sawayama is on track to becoming an international popstar. 2022 has been her year as she has continued to solidify herself as a must-watch pop diva as anticipation grows for her forthcoming studio album Hold the Girl that is due out September 2nd. In her latest single 'Catch Me in the Air', the singer opens up about the co-dependent nature of growing up with a single mother.

'Catch Me in the Air' retraces the steps of Sawayama’s childhood. She writes about establishing a support system with her mother and where their relationship stands now. She sings, “But mama look at us now/High above the clouds/Yeah I hope that you’re, hope that you’re proud". The singer first debuted 'Catch Me in the Air' during her most recent tour through the U.K. and U.S.

Written in the midst of lockdown, Sawayama said that she “wanted the whole song to sound like it was on an Irish coastline, like a Corrs video”. She worked personally with producer Clarence Clarity before final touches were made by Stuart Price. She admits to sending the two producers stock images of coastlines and yoga to get inspired sonically. The atmospheric and airy production lives up to Sawayama’s sound concept, as the end of the pre-chorus has a lift that makes the track rhythmically soar.


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