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Quirky Electro Pop newcomer Belot is bold, brash and full of energy on new single 'V.I.P'!

If you want your daily dose of empowering, in-your-face music to get you ready to tackle the day head first then look no further! Belot has been quickly gaining attention thanks to her quirky brand of Electro Pop that is full of vibrant sounds and radiating with an infectious swagger. Tracks like 'Cool Whip' are slick, funky creations that are pure-feel good gold that showcase Belot's vocal talents whilst immersing you in a flavoursome sonic whirlwind of synths, guitars and Dance beats.

Her latest release 'V.I.P' follows in a similar vain, however it sees Belot at her most direct and most-care free as she exudes a loveable no-fucks-given attitude! Big electro horn sounds and a pulsating beat provide an anthemic backdrop for Belot's self-assured vocals that carry the same attitude as Cardi B or Lizzo. Lyrics about living the VIP life are met with instrumentals just as extravagant. Indulge in this luxurious, densely layered electronic expression and feel revitalised on the other side with a new found self-confidence.


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