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Post-Punk outfit Gag Salon show a whole new side on their new 'Fishyman' singles!

Known for their vibrant, modern take on Post-Punk, Gag Salon have broadened their horizons on their abstract two-part single ‘Fishyman’. Part 1 of the release ‘(Flip Flop)’ offered the direct, angsty attacks that you would expect from them. Sharp, angular riffs and ferocious sonic outbursts are in abundance where both vocals and dense instrumental layers inject a wonderful raw energy while brass hooks keep things colourful.

However, part two aka ‘(Fishy Man)’ takes on a whole new energy as they turn to more soothing, crooner tones. The breezy swing and lo-fi synths ring of the most recent Arctic Monkeys album in parts, transporting you to a more vintage, theatrical sonic world. The playful lyrics of the fishy man tale cast a jovial energy into the mix for the most part before plucking on the heartstrings in the melancholic middle section that produces a really impactful crescendo filled with bizarre concoctions and blending the most absurd lyrical ideas with finessed, cinematic power.

This is far from what we expected Gag Salon to be coming out with this year but, although it is to be taken with a pinch of salt due to the unserious lyrical content, it does showcase that they have more up their sleeves that meets the eye.

You thought their vocal capabilities only lay in the angsty, punk-spirited realms? You thought wrong! You thought all of their music had to carry a direct and pulsating energy that recreates a sweaty basement show? You thought wrong! Whether your love this surprise maritime treat or not, you can’t deny that it’s opened a whole range of avenues for the band and highlights their versatile songwriting talents.

We just don’t know what to expect next!


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