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Post-Punk newcomers My First Time release punchy sophomore single 'Workwear'!

Raucous Bristolians, My First Time, have released ‘Workwear’, a Post-Punk, satirical riot of a track with a scathing, anti-consumerist message.

Stuffed with hooks and making great use of a hypnotic, potentially maddening guitar riff, the track is a thoroughly Gen-Z belter that retains the standards of tongue-in-cheek lyricism set by the band’s previous release ‘Wind up Merchant’.

With ‘Workwear’ the band gleefully turn their facetious sights towards the fast-fashion led consumer culture responsible for promoting toxic beauty standards and slowly destroying the planet, lampooning the subject with equal parts smirk and snarl.

Whilst the track initially opens with a modicum of restraint, this pretence of moderation is soon barged out of the way by the first chorus, overwhelmed by a barreling bass line, foot-stomping drumbeat, and a swathe of wailing guitars.

This momentum rarely drops for the duration of ‘Workwear’ and, when it does, it’s only serves to increase the explosiveness of the following section. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the bridge, with every instrument on the track sharply dropping out to accentuate the wryly delivered line “I’ve seen more pennies being donated on Babestation”.

The vocal delivery throughout is reminiscent of cult favourites Dry Cleaning, with the spoken vocal approach lending ‘Workwear’ a great deal of personality and allowing the track to stand out from the increasingly crowded cavalcade of recent Post-Punk releases.


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