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Post-Punk newcomers Adult Play dance with artistic flair on their new single ‘Ten Traits Every Successful Person Has’!

The silky sombre sounds of Adult Play’s single ‘See Me Now’ caught our attention last year thanks to the spoken word swagger and hypnotic post punk / electro blend. Now, the Shrewsbury outfit have returned with their latest offering ‘Ten Traits Every Successful Person Has’.

Oozing with an infectious arrogance, the grooves are thick and the vocals spat out with a fun-spirited angst. The vibrant percussion and funky guitar tone give it a very soulful feel while the barrelling vocal lines inject it with a frantic hip hop edge. As the song progresses the more punkier elements of their sound come out as the chorus is peppered with harsh vocal shouts and crashing drums that spin your head in circles. 

This blend of funky, art-pop moments and harsher post punk sections offers a wonderful balance between the playful and the punchy. The standout element has to be the fast lyrical explosions that have a poetic charm and vicious persona. 

A wonderful dose of artistic flair, playful beats and punk energy from one of our favourite newcomers. 


BOOT FEST - 45 (1).png
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