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Paris Paloma releases empowering, ansgt-ridden single 'my mind (now)'!

Indie Folk songwriter Paris Paloma has been taking the music world by storm in the past couple of years with her string of singles leading to widespread acclaim and over 3 million monthly Spotify listeners!

Known for the swooping caress of her smooth vocal palette, her latest single 'my mind (now)' has a more angst-fuelled, gritty tone to it which, once again, showcases another side of Paris' sonic tool kit.

The soothing a capella intro uses a range of vocal tones as instruments, creating a rich vocal textural bed for the lead vocals to sit on top of. This artistic use of vocals is reminiscent of Alt-J. However, the gentle, ethereal opening is quickly replaced as the words "I knew you had a temper but I guess I thought I was immune", instantly alerting you to the darker themes about to unfold.

The rolling beat is punchy and powerful while a really dense background of electronic atmospherics creates an angsty yet vibrant sound full of whirling emotions. The vocals soar among this dense sound and create a really empowering, poignant track. The brass brings a hopeful joy while the gritty guitar textures bring a darker frustration.

So, whatever emotion you're looking to experience you can find it deep within this wonderfully rich Indie Pop hit!


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