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We have finally said goodbye to 2020 and although most are glad to see the back of it, the last 12 months have still offered us some great moments. There has been plenty of new music that has hit our ears so we've compiled our top 5 artists that we enjoyed in 2020 that you should certainly keep an eye out for this year!

1. Kid Kapichi

It isn't just the angst filled energy that is so infectious with Kid Kapichi. They manage to bring so much force an aggression into each song while also building a song that is melodic and catchy from start to finish. When you hear each track you couldn't think of a single change you would make. The verses often bring in a fast-paced vocal delivery that begs to be sung along to whilst the instrumentals play off each other producing a swirling dance-worthy beat. However, it is the chorus' of the foursome that fully display their quality. Soaring vocal lines that reverberate around your head long after the final note is gone. They use the two voices of Jack and Ben to create an ansgty harmony that rides atop the grizzly sonic underbelly and leaves you craving their next track. They've been our ARTIST OF THE YEAR and we can't wait for their debut record out February 5th. Read our interview here.

2. Baby Strange

4 years on from their debut album 'Want It Need It', Glasgow's Baby Strange are returning just in time, riding the new Punk wave that has seen acts like IDLES and Fontaines D.C. enter the mainstream. However, there is a unique edge to the Scottish trio that sets them apart from the host of underground Punk acts that are beginning to stake a name for themselves. Whether it is their almost relentless angst that pours from their music or perhaps the teeth-gritting swagger of the vocal delivery, their music is instantly recognisable as Baby Strange. As they gear up for their biggest tour to date as well as their second record, they are certainly one to watch out for in 2021! Read our interview here.

3. Pixey

It may be in the early days of her career but Lizzie Hillesdon aka Pixey can already be described with an array of different attributes and titles, having been able to create her very own branch in the indie pop world with her dreamy Colours EP in 2019. Her latest single 'Just Move' highlights that she is constantly evolving and honing her sound, showing us that she isn't just another bedroom pop dreamer. Her tracks have edge and display a satisfyingly crisp and active tone that makes you wanna...well, just move! Check out our interview with her here.

4. Dylan Cartlidge

For those who haven't come across Dylan's music before, it's pretty hard not enjoy. Whether it's the smooth hip-hop phrasing, the funk grooves or the indie festival chorus' his songs drift in and out of genres offering something for all music lovers. Following his Yellow Brick Road EP this year we are hoping there is more to come in 2021. Take a look at our interview here.

5. Sarpa Salpa

Hailing from Northampton, five-piece Sarpa Salpa have been bringing a new unique dance sensibility to the Indie scene. Over the past year and a half they have been quickly picking up a lot of attention for their undeniably attractive Indie-Dance concoction and don't look like they'll be slowing down anytime soon.

Their debut EP 'Say Something' made a real statement; packed with a series of synth-laden singles.


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