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Ocean Pleasant releases vulnerable Pop Rock hit 'Don't Want Kids'!

Meet Ocean Pleasant; Poet, musician, daydreamer, named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 when she was just 18, with almost 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. She has been making music since she was 14 and amassed a following after guest performances with the Grammy-nominated band SOJA.

Her latest single ‘Don’t Want Kids’ is an artistic fusion of poetic Folk and Alternative Pop, drawing on her diverse musical influences such as Tracy Chapman, Feist, Lorde and Sylvan Esso. The velvety, slightly raspy vocals seem to dissipate into the backing vocals, creating a dreamy, almost haunting start to the song. However, the moment the bassline kicks in, the energy intensifies. This surge catches the song just before it teeters over into something more lethargic, adding a charming lightness.

Ocean dexterously handles a vast vocal range, skimming the higher notes with her voice to add an ethereal dimension while adding warmth with the lower notes too. She told VoyageLA that "there’s nothing more powerful than reclaiming your voice" and the constant theme in her music is honesty: "the wonderful thing about honesty in art is that it never goes out of style".

This undercurrent of truth illuminates ‘Don’t Want Kids’, adding an additional transparency to the lyrics and reaching out to the universal human experience of heartbreak. This is a track that should feature on any playlist, whether it’s for the dancefloor or those quieter contemplative moments by yourself.


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