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Nostalgic Indie Pop duo Wotts release single 'there'!

Canadian Indie Pop duo Wotts have a love for the golden age of songwriting. Elements of The Beatles, Elton John and The Beach Boys all creep into their music, giving it a rich, vintage tone with a slightly modern vocal edge. Often experimenting with Psychedelic sounds, they have dived head first into this nostalgic aesthetic on their latest release 'there'.

The track was released as a surprise single, catching fans off-guard with an unexpected treat. Led by a rich piano sound, the song has a comforting, hypnotic quality to it. The vocals use their Psychedelic roots to produce dreamy melodic flows while the cinematic strings add drama and sharpness to the sound.

These piano tones, mixed with the woodwind textures in the background provide wonderfully wholesome instrumentals to accompany this Power Pop ballad and ring strongly of The Beatles, reminiscent of their more sentimental tracks like 'Let It Be' or 'Hey Jude'.

All tones, even the drums, have a soft, cosy finesse to them which both enhances this retro feel and adds to the soothing nature of the track.

This is a wonderful showcase for the duo's aesthetic and tonal techniques and is an uplifting track for a care-free lazy Sunday.


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