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Norwegian songwriter ST. NIKLAS teams up with Døssi as he returns with new single 'comfy'!

After a three year hiatus following his last EP, Norwegian songwriting star ST. NIKLAS has returned with a brand new single and began the new era of his solo project. Although these three years have passed without any new releases, his music has still been on rotation on radio across Norway and his name has never slipped out of conversations regarding Scandinavia’s most talented new Pop songwriters.

Tracks like ‘Stay’ and ‘Fire with Fire’ proved to be huge hits for the Oslo-born artist thanks to their emotive Electro-Pop atmospheres that combine retro, 80s style tones with more modern vocal melodies.

His new single ‘comfy’ leans into this more modern side of his sonic palette as he teams up with female solo-artist Døssi. What is instantly striking is the beauty of their vocal blend. Initially, ST. NIKLAS comes in with deep, earthy notes while Døssi offers brighter sounds, yet as the track builds their vocals become one, creating smooth harmonies creating sounds that are just as comfy as the title.

Rhythmically, the song is built upon a vibey dance beat that wants to make you move, but more like dancing in your room than at an Ibiza club. The trademark retro synths of ST. NIKLAS are still present yet they create more of a textural background to the song rather than dominating. This allows for the pair’s vocals to really take centre stage and shine.

A super catchy collaboration that marks a really promising return to the ST. NIKLAS project.


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