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Norwegian Indie Pop songwriter Bo Milli releases beautifully emotive EP 'Making Friends'!

One of our favourite scandi exports, Bo Milli, has been on our radar for a while now, captivating our attention time and time again with her soothing Indie Pop songwriting. Her music is tonally gentle and soft yet it reaches deeply with emotive, cinematic and intricate lyrical conceits that constantly strike a chord.

Her new EP ‘Making Friends’ is the perfect summation of this wonderfully balanced songwriting style, pairing songs that are light and breezy with songs that ooze a moody melancholia, playing with the semantics of young adult romance and the love, playfulness, angst and heartache that that entails.

Tracks like ‘Come After Me’ and ‘Chewing Gum’ ring of Pip Blom’s early work with their lo-fi indie melodies that are super catchy yet subtle in their delivery and sometimes filled with grittier tones to emphasise the hidden depths of the lyrical content. ‘Chewing Gum’ is a particular standout on the EP as the chorus is one that becomes increasingly hypnotic each time you hear it. The vocals have a blissful, light delivery yet also a confident command that produces a track that is so serenely melodic yet filled with hurt and hidden anger.

If you’re after the more energetic, angsty side of her songwriting then the EP’s closer ‘I’m In’ is another top choice. The verses are perhaps the most vulnerable and intimate on the EP, brining to mind Wolf Alice’s most delicate moments yet the chorus is punchy and passionate.

The title track ‘Making Friends’ offers a more light-hearted, sunny sound that will make you think of summer roadtrips and that care-free feeling of spending times drinking with your mates. In contrast, subsequent track, ‘Be Your Girl’ is the most introspective on the EP as Bo bears all, sharing her love, at times like a school girl with a crush but at other times like a mature songwriter using her music to express the richness of her emotions. The line “I’ll bring out the boom box” perfectly captures this feeling of pure, powerful love that makes you feel like you’re in a soppy teen romance film.

There’s a wonderful balance of atmospheres on this EP and each song tells a beautifully honest story as Bo uses both catchy lo fi Pop melodies, cinematic Indie tones and angstier energy to convey a wide tapestry of emotion.


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