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Norwegian duo, Ask Carol, delve deep into all corners of Rock on their new album 'AC I: Control You'

Norwegian alt-rock duo Ask Carol are back with their post-pandemic album, 'AC I: Control You'. Recorded in the Covid lockdown, the duo used this time to re-invent their sound, returning to the music scene with an eclectic and cinematic Rock album. Each track takes the listener through a range of emotions, driven by melancholic and dramatic lyrics, gritty guitar motifs and haunting vocal lines. The duo’s expansive style draws from all over the genre spectrum, from Classic to Psychedelic Rock, as well as more Pop and Indie sounds.

The album opens with its title track ‘Control You’, a grungy and atmospheric song that combines electric overtones with dark and menacing lyrics. Carol’s vocals are airy and haunting, building throughout the track to an intense climax, where all the instruments come together to become even more electrifying. The second track has more of a distinct Classic Rock feel, with a continuous distorted guitar riff that sets the tone for the rest of the track.

The brief interludes, ‘Quiet One Intro’ and ‘Interlude’, provide moments of mystery between the intensity of the songs.

Whether Carol is singing in her belt range or her floatier head voice, the guitars, bass, and drums follow, changing each song’s overall structure throughout the album. ‘Mountains of Cash’ is a Punk arrangement with angry and political lyrics commenting on society's divide between the wealthy and poor.

There are three versions of ‘Darkest Hour’ on the album, with the Alt mix being more psychedelic and distorted in nature, representing Ask Carol's reach into the various corners of the Rock sound.

‘Shining Bright’ is a slower and more emotives song, which features a repetitive electric guitar pattern and Carol’s passionate vocals. The change from dark to light in the music makes a huge impact and makes it a definite high point on the album. The duo musically travel through their inner dialogue, audibly presenting their conflicting emotions and states of mind that were perhaps felt in the writing process during lockdown.

'AC I: Control You' is an exciting take on the various styles and sounds within the Rock genre. Its impassioned and profound drive makes for a memorable listen that will please all who hold a true music passion.



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