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  • Saba Khorassani

Northampton's Indie newcomers Rolling Thunder release fiery new single 'Paywall'!

Rolling Thunder will have heads banging with their perfect weekend number 'Paywall'. Jovial, boisterous, and irresistibly catchy, this song epitomises the Northampton-based outfit’s fresh sound. Aptly named, their music is unpretentious and raw, and they describe themselves as a “group of mates who happen to be in a band”. Their genuine, cavalier appeal is what is sure to keep listeners coming back for more.

The influence of 2000’s Indie Rock is ever-present in their music, paired with a more experimental, unique edge, making for an opus which manages to be equally Avant Garde and nostalgic at once!

'Paywall' has you grinning from the first beats of the drum, preluding the punchy strums of electric guitar. Frontman Charlie Smith’s vocals have a rough, boyish charm, and the cacophony of instruments fuse together to create an electrifying texture, adding to the anthem’s upbeat, youthful charisma.

The chorus is the height of the action: intense drums paired with fiery guitar notes provide a sonic maelstrom for the vocals to blend with, before the sound lulls into the laid-back, confident, third verse.

The fiery track is one to have on repeat, and the band are heading to London in March to showcase what is sure to be even catchier live at the Stag’s Head Hoxton.


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