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North West Newcomers Vol 2: Eyesore & The Jinx, Dakota Avenue, TRAITS and BB Green

Eyesore & The Jinx

Liverpool-based Post Punk outfit Eyesore & The Jinx have returned with their latest single 'An Ideas Man', a song that combines layers of bustling art-infused rhythms with a quirky, spoken-word delivery. The band state themselves that their lyrics "often consist of ugly narratives centred around vile fictional characters" and "centres around the worst of society (the eyesore), but with a playful side (the jinx)".

This is very apparent on this new release as the lyrics guide the listener through cynical methods of maximising income while the bright guitar line and funky drum pattern offer a hip-shaking groove encouraging you to dance along to the grim lyrical tale. Comparable in style to Yard Act's early material, Home Counties or fellow scousers Courting, 'An Ideas Man' rides the new Post Punk wave to good effect with the intricate percussive blend of an early bouncing beat that then transforms into more a rolling pattern accompanied by the shake of a maraca in the moments of more intensity.

It is musically loose and lyrically sharp, building an almost hypnotic sonic ramble peppered with harsh guitar chords and raw cymbal sounds while their lyrics point out the absurdity of excessive profiteering. Eyesore are also becoming one of the city's best live acts so keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming live shows.

Dakota Avenue

As Manchester's Indie trio Dakota Avenue gear up for their new 7-track EP due in June, they have been teasing fans with the first couple of singles from the release. 'Slap Me Silly' arrived in 2022 and struck many with its poignant tone and passionate delivery. Now, their new single 'Skin' has shown another side to their skillset.

The track has a more groove-led feel with its stomping drum rhythm and rolling electronic refrain. The vocals radiate a slick swagger too, making for a steady, punchy sound that makes a big impact. The vocal layering in the chorus makes for an immersive sonic experience and the added vocal intensity towards the end of the track draws you into an emotive anthem that you can listen to on repeat for hours! Keep an eye out for more news on their EP.


Formed in January 2022, emerging Indie-Synth quintet TRAITS are one of the most exciting new Scouse acts yet to be discovered by the national tastemakers. Their sultry vocals merge seamlessly with lo-fi instrumentals and with the added addition of slick synthesiser solos, a serene tone is captured throughout their songs.

Their most recent single 'Spellbound' is build around jangly, bedroom pop guitar sounds that have become a mainstay in the Liverpool Indie scene with bands such as The Night Cafe and SPINN renowned for these tones. This web of dreamy guitar sounds creates a swirling web for the vocals to sit smoothly on top off. These vocals are gentle and caress the air as they leave the speaker. Backed by slick vocal harmonies, the sound of the chorus appropriately matches the "spellbound" title and offers yet another fantastically entrancing single. Hopefully there's more to come in 2023.

BB Green

Manchester's Pop Rock songwriter BB. Green has been honing his musical talents for over 15 years now. Originally beginning as a drummer, he now takes centre stage and has been penning his own tracks with his new solo project in recent years. 2022 saw him keep up momentum with two new singles 'Morning Sun' and 'Speckled Rose'. These were two great songs that demonstrated both sides of BB. Green's emotive range, from the jangly Indie breeze of 'Morning Sun' to the contemplative 00s sound of 'Speckled Rose'.

Now, he has returned with his new single 'The Talk' which is probably his most infectious single to date! There is a distant poignant quality to the vocals throughout this track; a lamenting tone looking back through bittersweet eyes. The verses are insular as BB Green wraps romantic lyricism around subtle electronic patterns and smooth Indie guitar lines. Yet, it is the chorus that steals the show. Winding guitar lines build up a soaring sonic texture while BB Green delivers an unarguably catchy melody that sounds purpose built for a summer festival! Definitely one to keep an eye out for this year.


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