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No Lonesome releases complex & emotive folk single 'Cool Waters'!

If you're looking for the perfect fuzzy folk song that emits a soothing, campfire charm then look nor further than the latest single 'Cool Waters' from Chicago-based songwriter No Lonesome. The track's hazy, acoustic veneer instantly emits a nostalgic air filled with reminiscence while the rich vocal tones provide a warm hum to the song.

At first, this reminiscence feels like a positive one, giving off a cosy, lazy-sunday vibe without little worries. However, the song begins to hint at more melancholic themes both in the melodic flow and the lyricism which turns to a story of pained yearning.

The song's overarching earthy sound still does provide a very heartwarming feeling with its shuffling acoustic rhythm and smooth vocal palette ringing of José González. Yet, this more troubled lyricism adds a great depth to the meaning and impact of the track.


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