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Newcastle's Kites return with coming-of-age single 'Innocence and Gold'!

Newcastle Indie outfit Kites have returned with what is perhaps their most infectious and meaningful track to date.

The chorus of the new release 'Innocence and Gold' is an undeniably catchy one with a slightly hypnotic air to it. It never tries to hard or relies on seething vocal passion to stick in your head, rather it uses the strength of the melody and the crashing drum rhythm to provide an earworming sound with a smooth finesse.

The verses have the melodic Indie inflections of Catfish and The Bottlemen but what really strikes us on this song is the added poignant feelings and the depth to the emotion. The drawn out vocal lines have a lamenting quality bringing a coming-of-age feeling and an understated heartache.

The swirling synth textures that join in later in the track add to this, making you feel like you are reminiscing on the past and learning from those past mistakes. This is one of those Indie hits that has the depth to prevent its impact from fading and the blend of melody and meaning that will make it persist in your mind.


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